Motivation Monday

Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm wierd. I admit it. 
I'm an html/css writing, furniture making, social media loving, deal hunting, skateboarding, extension wearing, naturalista who loves pop, rock, punk, soul, Jazz & hip-hop music. Oddly, I love to dress like a business woman 24/7. I have too many quirks to name and I'm upbeat most of the time (which irks people but IDC). 
I'm an Executive Assistant by day and run 3 other businesses of different kinds at home. 
From relaxed weaves, dredlocks, Afro puffs; my family and friends love me for who I am. They have never tried to change me. Always supporting my diverse and sometimes complex interests and I love them for it. 
In a world where people have an ideal image of who they want you to be, I find comfort in knowing there are people who love me just as I am. 
Be the best version of you & love yourself for it! 


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