Motivation Monday

Monday, August 01, 2016

I love this quote and I revisit it often.... "Surround Yourself with Only People Who are Going to Lift You HIGHER" by Oprah Winfrey.

There are very few people in my inner circle and its because I've realize through life's lessons that not everyone wants the best for you or want to see you successful.  I've found myself in situations where I'm being the cheerleader for others then seeing them find a way to put me down. You know the kind of comments that starts out with a compliment then follows it up with an insult.  What I have found lately is that my strength lies in my belief that God has placed me on earth for a higher purpose and to inspire others through my everyday life.

I was told recently by my youngest sister that I inspire her through my work ethic and my determination to get whatever I want on my own without having to rely on others.  Hearing this motivates me to always do my best at my job and to also work harder at reaching my professional goals, dreams & aspirations. One of my closest and dearest friends tells me often that I am the "classiest woman she knows".  However, there's been many times I've been insulted for my posh attire.  But her compliment and perception of me inspires me to maintain my personal style with pride.

Here's the thing, you will come always negative people in the world that will constantly put you down, but the company you choose to keep should be the support system, cheer-leading section, the motivational corner that inspires you to live and attain your best life and you too should be that for your friends as well. 

Peace & Love,

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