Save Yourself Saturday

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Save Yourself Saturday... All of the things that are listed in this quote are those I can completely relate to. I use parts of this quote almost daily. Just recently I was discussing with a loved one an experience I had with someone I'd come in contact with who tried to belittle me by pointing out my flaws or somehow making fun of them. From time to time I may allow it to affect me but not because I am ashamed of my flaws but because I can't believe how mean and ugly some people can behave.
I am comfortable with who I am. I know my weaknesses so I don't focus on them, instead I focus on my strengths. I've made mistakes in my life and I've learn valuable lessons from them. And just as sure as one and one is two, I'm sure I'll make many more. My flaws (from vitiligo to crooked teeth and everything in between) are what makes me uniquely beautiful, just like you. I've felt hate and negativity but I try to limit my exposure to it and also I try to show love to all even those who are negative. I've personally known sadness so instead of deliberately causing sadness to others, I'd rather make them laugh.
Today, and everyday, love yourself just as you are, while working on the things you would like to improve.

Save Yourself Saturday!

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