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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Just the other day I took a taxi cab home from downtown. My tax driver was an extremely warm, optimistic and insightful gentleman. His name was BK. BK shared a lot of his views in staying positive in the DC area during a climate that is, in my opinion, full of negative thoughts and actions. His perceptive, to quote him; "When you wake up and look in the mirror, you see yourself as God created you. You should say to yourself, I am perfect just as God create me. I will try today to make this world a better place for me and my loved ones. You have to start with yourself and be positive. Everyone is born into this world with their own obstacles to overcome. So, whether you think it's your skin color, your gender, handicap, etc... do not let this discourage you! Know that you have the power to make you dreams a reality, if you stay POSITIVE and surround yourself with other POSITIVE PEOPLE".

Thank you BK. I agree, wholeheartedly.

XoXo, KK

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