Until the end of time...

Friday, April 21, 2017

I have been a Prince fan for what feels like all my life. I remember my aunt had a poster of him on her wall and I was instantly intrigued. After reading that we share the same zodiac sign, I found myself inspired by him. The fact that he was so incredibly talented in so many things really resonated with me. He was so multi-talented! I could never pick just one Prince song as a favorite because I have seriously LOVED so many of his songs and really his entire albums as well as songs that he's written and/or produced for other artists. There have been many singers that have tried to duplicate his sound but there will only be one original.

The day that I found out about his death, I, like many, was in complete shock! I was so sad because, although I never knew the man, I was a serious fan of his music. So much in fact, I felt so many of his songs defined several times of my life. I cried. Yes I did, cry. It may be that I'm sensitive but let me tell you this I didn't cry when Michael Jackson died (although it was very sad). I didn't cry when Whitney Houston died which was also tragic and sad. But when Prince died, I cried. 

I usually save these write ups for the celebration of people's birthday because I don't like to think of the day that someone died. But today with so many radio stations playing all my favorite Prince songs and missing a lot more of my favorites, like I can't believe I didn't hear "Sign O' The Times" today.

Prince Rogers Nelson, thank you for providing the soundtrack to my a large part of my life.

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