Wisdom Wednesday

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Every moment a miracle! 
 - Every moment is a miracle. Every day is filled with magnificent wonder.
- Opportunities for joy, and possibilities for great enrichment, are everywhere. A vast abundance spreads out in all directions.
- Even the troubling, challenging moments have their positive components. For it is in each moment that the miracle of your life is lived.
- Though the petty, frustrating things vie for your attention, they do not have to dominate you. You can choose to remind yourself, again and again, how miraculous it all is.
- You can act to make something even more beautiful out of the beauty that already is. You can celebrate, appreciate, and support the goodness and positive value in your world.

***The miracle you seek is this moment. Live it as the miracle it is, and the miracle will be yours.***


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