About the Blog:  Established in 2008 as the blog Designer Deal Diva, this blog is the same just under a new name. When I first started this blog, I was pretty obsessed with designer and luxury brands. My friends and I would find go into high end department stores and try on clothing from our favorite designers, only to leave out with one item. Once I started finding similar items by the same designers for SUPER cheap at discount stores, at local consignment /thrift shops and even on sales racks at the same high end department stores, I said never again!!! So, I started this blog to help women like me, who love designer labels and luxury items but don’t want to pay retail prices. The Blog’s original name and slogan was “Designer Deal Diva – Enjoy the FINER things in life without the HEFTY price”.

Living in DC, where the cost of living has skyrocketed in the last 10 years, everything has gotten a little pricey. There’s more restaurants than you could imagine and also there’s more things to do as well. But enjoying DC doesn’t have to come with a HEFTY price tag. There’s so many affordable options to eat, to go on dates and to hang out with family and friends, if you know the place to look. That’s where District Gems comes in. I find so many hidden GEMS in DC just by looking for affordable places to go and here I share with you all my finds!

So whether it’s finding the look for less at your neighborhood consignment or thrift store; finding a great place to eat on the cheap, or finding fun places to hang even if you’re budget is shoestring, I hope you find something helpful here on this blog.

About me: I’m Kelly Kayla, a native Washingtonian who grew up in Uptown DC. By day (9-5), I’m a marketing coordinator in the real estate industry. But, I also have several side hustles outside of my 9 -5, including web administration, marketing & graphic design, artisan jewelry design and consignment boutique owner.
I’m also obsessed with Designer Vintage; especially Salvatore Ferragamo (he has the same birthday as me) and of course, Chanel, the woman who reinvented herself as a Fashion Icon.

My favorite quote:

BE KIND, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard internal battle that you know nothing about.

Thanks for checking out District Gems! Please bookmark, come back & enjoy.