Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy LOVE day!

Today and every day you are blessed to be loved by all the people in your life that loves you and also honors/appreciates your love for them. Too many times in our life, we are looking for love when love is actually all around us. Whether it’s love from your parents, love from your children or your closest friends, we are all best to feel loved. 

Love those that love you!

Say “I love you” often. 

XoXo, KK

PS: Yes, it’s my first post for 2019. You see, I RE-started my new year in February. There was a lot going on for me. But there will be more posts to come for the rest of the year. 


Show NO HATE towards ANY RACE because it’s ALL of us that makes AMERICA GREAT!!! 

With this upcoming march this weekend in Washington DC by a HATE group, I will be protesting HATE! And… I will be promoting LOVE! I’m so annoyed, afraid and upset about the current climate with are living in today. But like my Mommy, Auntie and other ancestors (especially my Great Uncle Americus Neely who was killed while fighting for equality in the Forrest City Riot of 1889 in Arkansas) fought before me, I’m here to fight oppression & hate and to find the goodness in others of every race. 

I don’t remember ever feeling the bigotry and racism that I’ve experienced in these most recent times. Of course there have been a few exceptions. One specific experience comes to mind when I wore my hair in its natural state after my big chop in 2012 and a Caucasian senior officer made a comment using the word “nappy” in my presence to undoubtedly make me feel inferior abut my natural hair. But here lately, it’s been just an awful and a blatant racist parade of ugly behavior by so many.

I’m a woman that leans on my faith and compassion for others to ensure I treat everyone with kindness. It seems that for many ignorance is bliss and we have forgotten that we are all HUMAN BEINGS first. So let’s stop this made up notion of superiority and come together! 

Are you ready for the fight for love, justice and equality?


Don’t be UGLY!

Happy Friday Good peeps! 
Remember to be kind to others. Everyone is fighting an internal battle you may know nothing about. And if you know about their battles and choose to belittle or make fun of them, it’s just as bad. I’ve witnessed the most beautiful & handsome people in the world become the ugliest monsters in the universe, instantly. 

There was a time in my life that I would join in with friends and family members that would put others down. Whether it was terribly criticizing their choices, saying demeaning things about their character and/or making fun of them in general, but I’ve come to realize that it’s just mean. I’ve learned that if you are socializing with someone that is always talking badly about another person in your group, chances are they are talking badly about you when you are not around. Oh, did you think you were special? Did you think that it’s only the two or three of you that talks badly about the person that’s not there? No honey, when you are not there, they are talking just as badly about you!!!

So, just don’t do it. STOP IT TODAY! I know you can change because I have changed. Don’t bully people. Don’t be that person. Treat everyone how you wish to be treated. Superiority complexes are not the same as high self esteem. There’s no need to put others down to feel good about yourself!

Have a wonderful weekend!

XoXo, KK


Quote of the Day.

Your Speed Doesn’t Matter Forward is Forward! One of my “bestest” friends always says “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”. So just as I need to I wish the same for you to stop comparing yourself to everyone else’s journey. Your path is yours alone. God made it especially for you. So keep moving forward and don’t worry the speed. Progress is progress. Be proud of your forward movement.

Hello October!!!

Hello October! Good-Bye September. 
Well, we are on the last 3 months of the year and I’ve got SO MANY plans in store for this month alone! Thanking God and singing his Praise for his everlasting love, guidance and protection. Also, I love the fall fashion season so I’m looking forward to wearing sweaters and jackets. 
Bring on fall fun! 

XoXo, KK

Talk Tuesday

Let’s be clear, I heard every single cut, jab, insult, slight, snub, and humiliating joke, it NEVER went OVER my head. I’m not dim-witted, naive, nor gullible. I just made a choice not to react and to IGNORE the MEAN, BULLYING behavior and stupidly made excuses for the ugliness/unkindness; like this person is going some tough times or has other issues, they wouldn’t deliberately be hurtful towards me because I’ve done nothing but be kind, helpful & compassionate towards them. 

But I’ve learned time and time again that there will be people in life who are the kindest angels when no ones around that turn into DEVILS when an audience is available. 
Remove yourself from any environment or associates who wish to intentionally harm you mentally, spiritually, financially or emotionally. This is the advice I give to anyone who has to endure such hurt and pain. Eliminate it from your life and continue to be the good-hearted, caring and loving person God wants you to be. Once you’ve done so, I promise you that God will shower an abundance of blessings on your life. 
Just Go. No malice, no ill-will, just absence. 

With that I pray for postivity and blessings over your life. 
XoXo, KK