Via Spiga & Paige Premium – DC Shopping

DSW aka Deisgner Shoe Warehouse always has the BEAT DEALS!!!
I absolutely love these Via Spiga shoes I scored there for 80% OFF. They came to a mere were only $26. You’ve got to LOVE that! 

I’m always on the hunt for another pair of black jeans (not like I need another pair). There’s no way I would buy these expensive jeans at retail price as Paige Premiun Jeans can be as high as $200 per pair! As a matter of fact, I usually get all of my jeans at the consignment shop, the thrift store, on poshmark or from family and/or friends. Every once and a while I will get a great pair at Nordstrom Rack! I got 2 pair of black jeans for the incredible price of 2 for $17 at my neighborhood miniority owned Frugalista on Mount Pleasant Street in the wonderful amount Pleasant neighborhood here in DC. 

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