Brabo in Old Town

Brabo Tasting Room has an incredible three (3) course Tasting for only $29!
This includes (1) a soup or salad, (2) Any Tarte or Mussel and (3) Any Desert.
This fantastic deal makes in a GREAT option for a date night under $100!
I had a baked brie salad with salad and it was absolutely delicious. But a few of my friends had the Classic Mussels and said they were divine. Located in Old Town Alexandria at 1600 King Street, it is definitely a “Gem” worth checking out!

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Forman Mills For Fashion!


Speaking on fashion, sometime it’s not all about “who” you’re wearing. Sometimes, it’s about your own personal style and how you rock it. 
I love mixing and matching pieces from all over, high and low pieces. I went into Forman Mills last weekend looking for an area rug & found this cute maxi skirt!

Hat – Jones New York at Macy’s / Vegan Leather Jacket – forever21 / Blouse – The Loft
Skirt – Forman Mills / Bag – Vintage Chanel / Booties – Christian Louboutin

Since this original post on IG, I was reposted by the Forman Mills instagram account. Thank you Forman Mills for the rePost! I will definitely go back to see what I can find. 
Happy Frugal Shopping!

Heart as You

You’ll be really disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you. 
But listen… that’s okay. Show love anyway and those that are gracious, thoughtful and compassionate will show love to you in return.


Via Spiga & Paige Premium – DC Shopping

DSW aka Deisgner Shoe Warehouse always has the BEAT DEALS!!!
I absolutely love these Via Spiga shoes I scored there for 80% OFF. They came to a mere were only $26. You’ve got to LOVE that! 

I’m always on the hunt for another pair of black jeans (not like I need another pair). There’s no way I would buy these expensive jeans at retail price as Paige Premiun Jeans can be as high as $200 per pair! As a matter of fact, I usually get all of my jeans at the consignment shop, the thrift store, on poshmark or from family and/or friends. Every once and a while I will get a great pair at Nordstrom Rack! I got 2 pair of black jeans for the incredible price of 2 for $17 at my neighborhood miniority owned Frugalista on Mount Pleasant Street in the wonderful amount Pleasant neighborhood here in DC.