Coconut Curry Chickpeas & Collard Greens Over Jasmine Rice

Like so many other people in the current climate, we’ve been trying to eat healthier. In our house, healthier for us has meant transitioning to a plant-based diet. We are defining this for us to mean, foregoing red meat all together, no pork as well, eating chicken and turkey but very sparingly, eating more greens (at least twice a day), getting more protein from nuts, beans and soy, and including more fruits (especially berries), eating more seafood and vegetables throughout the day.

Sounds great right? We have this plan and now we try to execute it. The issue is that neither of us like to prepare for the cooking process. We enjoy quickly prepared meals. Anything that takes over an hour to prepare isn’t an option for us. That is, unless of course it’s something so delicious that we just have to be patient enough to go through a long process.

We let the collard greens cook down until they were soft. Then, we added curry & cumin, a can of low sodium chickpeas & coconut milk. While that was on a low simmer, we prepared the jasmine rice in another pot. The result was quick, simple and so tasty!

Here’s to staying healthy, not just through this pandemic but through the rest of our lives.

Brabo in Old Town

Brabo Tasting Room has an incredible three (3) course Tasting for only $29!
This includes (1) a soup or salad, (2) Any Tarte or Mussel and (3) Any Desert.
This fantastic deal makes in a GREAT option for a date night under $100!
I had a baked brie salad with salad and it was absolutely delicious. But a few of my friends had the Classic Mussels and said they were divine. Located in Old Town Alexandria at 1600 King Street, it is definitely a “Gem” worth checking out!

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Karibbean Kitchen

After the 2015 closing of a DC Caribbean Food Favorite, Sweet Mango Cafe, we have been super pressed to find a great neighborhood Caribbean Food spot. But no more because Karibbean Kitchen have answered our Jerk and Curry Prayers. I was surprised and overjoyed when the hubster came home with a sample of their food; a chicken patty, a vegetable patty and some Coco bread and it was SOOO GOOD! I just love coco bread! So when a friend called on me to handle some business and catch up for a drink, I had to share with her this new find. So we went and were extremely satisfied with the selection and the great service.

Karibbean Kitchen is conveniently located at 1400 Meridian Place NW, Washington, DC 20010.
They are just 3-4 blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro Station.

Eating Healthy at Home

Happy Sunday I’m Eating Healthier! 

As I grow older and older, I realize that it’s what I put into my body to give it longevity and vitality that becoming more important to me. So today, and hopefully this day forward, I committing to a better and more healthy lifestyle. This oatmeal with bananas and granny smith apples is delicious and will hopefully give me the energy I need to get my Sunday errands done. 

Cheers to healthy living and lots of love! 

Speaking of love, the moments I share with loved ones feeds my spirit & brings joy to my heart. I’m thankful for those times. Just a friendly reminder to love hard on your loved ones, tomorrow is never promised.