Talk Tuesday

Let’s be clear, I heard every single cut, jab, insult, slight, snub, and humiliating joke, it NEVER went OVER my head. I’m not dim-witted, naive, nor gullible. I just made a choice not to react and to IGNORE the MEAN, BULLYING behavior and stupidly made excuses for the ugliness/unkindness; like this person is going some tough times or has other issues, they wouldn’t deliberately be hurtful towards me because I’ve done nothing but be kind, helpful & compassionate towards them. 

But I’ve learned time and time again that there will be people in life who are the kindest angels when no ones around that turn into DEVILS when an audience is available. 
Remove yourself from any environment or associates who wish to intentionally harm you mentally, spiritually, financially or emotionally. This is the advice I give to anyone who has to endure such hurt and pain. Eliminate it from your life and continue to be the good-hearted, caring and loving person God wants you to be. Once you’ve done so, I promise you that God will shower an abundance of blessings on your life. 
Just Go. No malice, no ill-will, just absence. 

With that I pray for postivity and blessings over your life. 
XoXo, KK

Talk Tuesday

This Talk Tuesday quote and topic is a reminder to self. My mother always told me that the left hand doesn’t always need to know what the right hand is doing and this is so true. 
I’ve learned through life experience that everyone is curious by nature. So for me to say that people are mosey and all in my business would be factual but also just part of being a human being. We all ask questions to one another about our life goals and aspirations. But there are some people that ask only to want secretly to watch you fail. So maybe we (myself included) need to stop telling everyone what the plan is and just show to them the results of that plan in action. 
So with this, I wish you much success at reaching your goals and aspirations and I don’t want to see you fail. I only want for you what I want for myself and that is to see you live your best life. 
Peace, Love and Many blessings. 
XoXo, QC


Friday Feelings

I am constantly torn between “treat others how you want to be treated” and “treat others how they treat you”. 
You see… I am a giving and kind person, sometimes to a fault. I give of my myself, whether it’s my time, talents, money and friendship because this is who I am. I believe that God placed me on this earth to help others. Although, I am NOT naive and do not give to strangers in the way I may give to someone I consider a friend (whether it’s family, friends or business acquaintances). I am always surprised when people don’t appreciate the kindness I show them & when given an opportunity to return the favor or a kind gesture they refuse to do so. I am also very forgiving, I don’t hold grudges and often make excuses for others that maybe they (unintentionally) are just not that considerate and then time and time again I extend my support/assistance. 
So the question I often ask myself is when will I stop extending of myself and in turn treat others as I feel they’ve treated me and just stop being so darn accommodating and considerate? 

Peace & Love, KK