About the Blog:  It began in 2008, then called Designer Deal Diva, this blog is still the same just with a new name. It's a lifestyle blog, where I share my passion for fashion, shopping, decor, diy, music, inspirational quotes and DC happenings/lifestyle. I originally created my blog (Designer Deal Diva) as a way to help frugalistas (like me) find luxury designer labels on a shoestring budget. You see, I have sort of always had a love for designer labels but I NEVER pay retail price. Not only because I simply can't afford it, I would rather save those dollars to invest in my family and my future. I believe most of us are trying to find ways to stretch a dollar. Whether you're looking for a way to get the look for less, trying to copy your favorite celebrity's style or finding a creative solution for fashion or decor, maybe you will find something useful here on the District Gems blog.

About Me:

I’m KK, a Washingtonian, a Quirky DC Creative and I run Gems and District Gems.
I also have a regular office job in my day-to-day life. But outside of my office day job, when I am not working with the group at Gems doing graphic design and marketing, I’m crafting jewelry, creating art (digital & other kinds), making and upcycling furniture or working on something new, artistic and creative. The name DISTRICT GEMS, is a tribute to my love for DC (the District) and being born under the zodiac of a Gemini.

A self-professed shopaholic and I love supporting local DC unique and resell boutiques. Check some of my absolute FAVORITE Local Boutiques in the right-hand column. Recently, I've been trying hard to be a minimalist so I'm always selling some great items from my closet on Poshmark.

But wait there's more...
- I'm a TRUE believer in empathy and kindness.
- I'm obsessed with Designer Vintage especially Ferragamo (we have the same birthday) & Chanel (of course)
- My favorite color to wear is ALL BLACK or Black & White but you can also find me in neutrals like grey and tan.
- I'm a naturalista (just big chopped the 3rd time - 3/2017) & I rock Senegalese Twists at most times, because I can braid them myself.
- I love music (worked at Tower Records DC for several years. Rest in Peace Russ Solomon) and I have been in a several local bands - reggae, rock & electronica and have also written songs for other local artists.
- I'm an activist. I march and protest for equal rights and justice for all; including but not limited to against the oppression of black people in America, against police brutality, against white supremacy, for voter's rights, for women's rights, for tenant's rights and every cause that is near and dear to my heart. 
No justice, No peace! All Black Lives Matter.

My favorite quote: 
BE KIND, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard internal battle that you know nothing about. 

Thanks for checking out District Gems! Please bookmark, come back & enjoy.